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Gina & Braden's Important Links

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For the convenience of our web savvy family, we are providing links to the sites at which we registered. These are links directly to the registry sections of the site. You'll have to navigate back to the main page if you want to just surf around. You can search for the each registry by either of our names (McDaniel or Morisseau-Leroy). Remember the date is July 13, 2002.

Note: These links will open up a new browser window.

Williams-Sonoma Bridal Registry - NO PASSWORD!!
It has come to my attention that some people were having difficulty with the password... so there is no longer a password. :-) Nipped that in the bud huh?
This registry contains cookware and some glassware, most of which is pretty inexpensive. The main piece is the Caphalon Anadized 12 piece cooking set. It's cheapest bought as a set (and was on sale when we first picked it). The frying/sauce pans are key pieces.
Crate and Barrel Gift Area
This registry contains dinnerware, glassesware, stemware and a CD Rack. You may notices the dinnerware seems to be incomplete, but we are actually completing a set we already have (Thanks Kathy!).
Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal/Gift Registry - password is maryland
This registry has been completely purchased. So please use the first two.
Other Requests
Here are some ideas of other things we need but haven't specifically found anywhere.
  • We are currently in need of a set of cutting knives. We got a set on clearance that is rusting like crazy. After an interesting fiasco in my job search, I found a set of knives that would be perfect. Cutco fine cutlery is about the best set of knives I've ever seen! They cut like a dream... I could go into the whole schpiel but I'll spare you at this point. You can order a FREE catalog off the site. The spatula spreadder is a great knife...The paring knife and the petite carver (and WOW... that's from memory!) Even if you don't get me knives here... get them for yourself. They are made from the best steel, and they take 11 years to go dull... then you get free sharpening for as long as you own the knife. They are guarenteed for ever. It's really incredible. Questions? Email me.
  • We would like a serving tray, preferably with handles if it's large. Perhaps a couple of small ones would be nice as well.
  • Another idea would be candle sets. Both of us like candles a lot, preferably unscented because of Braden's allergies. This also makes incense a difficult gift, so we would advise against it.

Sun & Moon Logo -  from Princess InvitationsOther links

Of course, I have to include links to our home pages.

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