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Pictures of Gina & Braden

Sun & Moon Logo -  from Princess InvitationsSome General Pictures

For Pictures of Braden and I with my family in Miami, please peruse my photo gallery.

Braden and I
in the Keys with his Parents

Gina and Braden in the Keys

The collage I made to
celebrate ... us!

Gina and Braden Collage

Picture of Gina from an
Ünderland X-mas Party

Gina @ an X-mas Club Party

Braden at the Morisseau-Leroy
Home in Miami,FL

Braden in Miami at the Morisseau-Leroy House

Our last visit to Titanic
restaurant/bar in South Miami

Braden and Gina in Titanic restaurant

Gina in front of the
microbrew beer vats

Gina in front of Titanic's microbrew beer vats

Sun & Moon Logo -  from Princess InvitationsPictures from our Christmas in Oklahoma

For Christmas in 2001, Braden and I got the privilege to spend time in Oklahoma with his family. I'm not going to include the whole set of pictures here, as I have a site specifically for pictures of my family. The rest will go up there (eventually). Mostly this is just to show us off a bit. I would like to thank Mama Liz and Papa Sam for their wonderful hospitality, Buddy and Beverly for the nice dinner and gifts, Granny and Grandad for the lovely time at their place, and the rest of the family that I met on the trip. I felt welcomed and loved already. I love you all and miss you very much!

Braden & Gina at Mama Liz's Braden & Gina at Mama Liz's again
Braden with Gabe & Amy's parrot Braden, his mom Kathy, and Gina with the parrot
Braden in Gina's Santa hat Braden & Gina with Granny and Grandad in the background
Braden being silly with Kathy and his sister Ryan Braden as a Christmas gift


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